Small team
2-10 members
Medium team
11-20 members
Large team
21-30 members
Very large team
31+ members
Total costing
£15.00 per month + (team size x per member cost)
Number of users
Fixed cost£15.00
Number of users
Plan cost£6.00
Monthly total£195.00
Fixed costNumber of usersPlan costMonthly total
Sean Birkle
ABH Agri
Leicestershire, United Kingdom
John Solomon
Solomon contractors
Cornwall, United Kingdom
Frequently asked questions
Does it work offline?


Does it use much data?

No, Ag-drive only uses <50mb of data per month.

Can I import fields mapped from other platforms?

Yes, we support common shapefile formats which can be imported from fields page.

Does it use much battery?

Ag-drive will use more battery than other apps when recording a job due to the location tracking on a job. Battery usage also depends on the age of the phone and battery. It is an area we are continuing to improve.

Can my data ever be lost?

No, we’re cloud based!

Does it track my location all the time?

No, only when you are recording a job.

Do I need Xero, Sage or Quickbooks for it to work?

No, you can invoice out of Ag-drive too!

Should I buy my operators tablets to sit in each tractor?

Personal preference of user we recommend that you use it on a mobile as its easier for operators to have a mobile phone with them.

Does it work on any device?

Yes, any smartphone tablet or computer.

Can operators record work without it being scheduled to them?